The Tragedy of King Arthur – Guerrilla Shakespeare Project

This was an interesting shoot.  My friend DarrylLee (SM from Zombies – gallery coming soon) is the stage manager for the show and I saw the marketing material come by on her Facebook. It looked like it might be interesting to shoot, so I reached out to DarrylLee to ask if I could come by.  She said they had “some photographers” coming by for their final dress and I was welcome to join.  Little did I know that “some” meant SEVEN other photographers.  We outnumbered the cast!

Despite the fact that it felt like we were waiting for Lindsay Lohan to show up, it is a very strong show and the production values were well realized.  Creative set and costumes, good fights (a personal barometer of theatrical worth) and a very good script.

One final interesting note:  The producers created a drop box where the photographers could put our wares, so I got to take a peek at my fellow shooters’ work.  It’s rare I see the “dump” of images from another photographer — usually it’s a few shots on a blog, one or two photos on a review or in Facebook.  It was interesting to see how others chose to shoot, what they chose to show and how they chose to edit.  I think I fared well amidst the crowd!

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