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This Round’s On Us: Independence

My new friends at Nylon Fusion Theatre Company (Marina/Mata Hari) brought be me back to shoot the latest iteration of their quarterly Ten Minute Play Festival This Round’s On Us with the theme Independence.  There were ten plays split into two sets, with comedian Jason Andors acting as MC.

As with Marina/Mata Hari, I was shooting with audience in the seats, lining two adjacent sides of the stage.  I snagged a chair right at the corner of the stage, which gave me pretty good angles on the action.  For eight of the ten plays, I had nice, bright lights, but one was EXTREMELY dark — amusingly, it was by the same playwright as the almost as dark Mata Hari and also starred Tatyana Kot, who had played the eponymous role.  This time, I had to crank the ISO up to 25600, was still at f2.8 and 1/80 and still had to push the exposure in Lightroom to be able to see anything.  I bet you can pick out the shot in the gallery above. Definitely a LOT of noise, but I’m glad I was able to get something for them (in the end, there were a handful of useable shots from that play).

I also did a bit of streamlining on my camera for this shoot.  I set up my custom menu to add quick access to white balance, so I can quickly set it for the room, which meant I didn’t have to adjust white balance during editing.

So thanks again to Nylon Fusion!  They do great work.  Their next play is coming in August: Luft Gangster, directed by the hardest working man in NY theatre, Austin Pendleton.  Check it out!

Oh, then there was this.  Just had to share it.

This Round - 2nd Set_sm_22

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