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Luft Gangster

Luft Gangster marks my third shoot with Nylon Fusion Theatre Company and besides being excellent returning clients, their work is really top notch.

Luft Gangster is the harrowing story of survival of a young airman, shot down behind enemy lines and captured during World War II.  It’s all the more engaging knowing that the play was created from interviews the playwright did with his cousin — this is his story.

For the first time with Nylon, I actually got to come in and shoot their final dress, not an audience attended show!  It was really a necessity, because the theater they are in (the Dorothy Strelsin space at Abingdon Theatre Company) is really to small to do otherwise.  The space is so small that I shot the whole thing on my 24mm – 70mm/2.8 and much of it at the wide end.  This meant that I got to explore some wide angle and low angle shots to play with perspective a bit.


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