A New Look

Welcome to my updated photography site.  This marks a big shift for me.  For years I’ve been my own coder and I will continue to maintain my theatrical site myself — I do like control!  But for my photography, I knew I wanted a site that would hit some specific marks:

  1. Easy to create, aesthetically pleasing galleries
  2. Blog features so I can write about my shoots and include a gallery
  3. Free up my time to shoot, edit and deliver the important stuff: the pictures

After helping out my friends Paul Peers and Tina Mitchell from Chopt Logic set up their website on WordPress, I knew I was going to go that route.  Some further research brought me to the folks at Photocrati, who do a great theme with strong gallery support.

And here we are.

I’m going to be back-filling some shows I’ve shot recently and talk about my experiences.  I hope I can be a resource for others as much as I’ve taken from the folks out there already.

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