Dead Special Crabs


A few years back, I played York in a production of Henry VI directed by my friend Adam Marple for his directing MFA thesis for Columbia University.  There are so many stories that I could tell from that production.  But importantly, there was a theatre company that co-produced the show, called Wide Eyed Productions.  It was a big financial risk for them, but they were trying to move to a new level and their people were integral to the show on all sides of the stage.  Last week, Kristin Skye Hoffman, Wide Eyed’s Artistic Director, contacted me because they were looking for a production photographer and their stage manager had recommended me — their SM was Rosie, the SM for the production of Richard III that I had performed in at the Secret Theatre.

So I reconnected with Wide Eyed Productions and some old friends from Henry who were taking a more comedic turn with this new piece.  Dead Special Crabs is a twisted take on a road trip, following I-95 from Maine to Maryland.  From one haven for the crabby crustacean to another.

The show was in The Barrow Group Theatre, where I shot The Tragedy of King Arthur and This Is How I Don’t Know How To Dance.  A split level set added some interesting staging opportunities, but a length of safety cable across the front was a challenge for me, frequently cutting right across faces.  The costuming added a lot, especially Kathy and Walter with their bright yellow cult-wear!

As a bonus, Time Out New York did choose one of my images as their Photo of the Week (the last one with the ship’s wheel)!

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