Back to my roots


When I was a kid, my dad was an avid photographer.  So much so, that he would develop and print his own film and we almost had a darkroom in the house.  Dad would take me to the rent-a-darkroom and let me help.  Eventually, I started developing and printing my own B&W photos.

A few weeks ago I decided to pull out my old film bodies and remember what it’s like to shoot without instant feedback.  Scary!  I have two bodies: a Minolta X-570 that I loaded with Ilford Delta 400 (B&W) and my first Canon — an EOS Elan 7E, loaded with Kodak Porta 160 (color).   Oh, did I mention you have to finish a roll before you get to see any of them?  Crazy!

I finished my first roll of B&W first and just got it back from B&H.  I forgot how nice grain is.  Real black & white film grain.  Now I need to finish roll two and some of the color rolls!

Next up: find a rent-a-darkroom here in NYC!

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